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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern your use of this Service, and our commitment to your privacy.

Terms of Service:

1. User Agreement:
   1.1. By using the Service, you agree to the terms of the provided user agreement.

2. Responsibility for Uploaded Content:
   2.1. The Service is not responsible for the content of uploaded materials.
   2.2. Uploaded content reflects only the author's point of view.

3. Copyright:
   3.1. Users undertake not to upload, transmit, or exchange files that violate the copyrights of third parties.
   3.2. The Service has the right to remove any materials violating copyrights without prior notice.

4. Prohibited Materials:
   4.1. Uploading, transmitting, or exchanging files containing viruses, malware, pornography, calls for violence, or any other materials violating laws and moral standards is prohibited.

5. Privacy:
   5.1. The Service commits to maintaining the confidentiality of user data.
   5.2. Users agree to the collection and processing of their personal data in accordance with the privacy policy.

6. Responsibility:
   6.1. The Service is not responsible for data loss resulting from the use of the Service.
   6.2. Users are responsible for the security of their data and password for accessing the Service.

7. Modification and Removal of Content:
   7.1. The Service reserves the right to modify and remove content that violates the Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy:

1. Collection and Use of Information:
   1.1. The Service collects only necessary information to provide services, such as login and password for registration.
   1.2. Information will not be shared with third parties without the user's consent.

2. Data Storage:
   2.1. The Service ensures secure storage of user data.
   2.2. Users have the right to request the deletion of their data from the system.

3. Cookies:
   3.1. The Service uses cookies to enhance the user experience.
   3.2. Users can disable cookies in their browser settings.

4. Security:
   4.1. The Service takes measures to secure data transmission.
   4.2. Users undertake not to disclose their password to third parties.

5. Changes in Policy:
   5.1. The Service reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy.
   5.2. Changes will be published on the Service's website.

Last update: 27.01.2024